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Corporate Governance

The Rosen Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to ensure corporate accountability to shareholders. We believe that proper corporate governance principles are essential to maintain investor confidence and protect shareholders' rights and assets. Institutional investors, being large shareholders with significant influence over corporate management, are key to maintaining oversight and transparency.

We at the Rosen Law Firm have represented private, public, and labor union pension funds, and understand the practices most likely to bridge management and shareholder interests. Adoption of effective corporate governance principles through litigation and advocacy allows for greater productivity and firm value, increased shareholder participation, necessary reform, and proper transparency and accountability to shareholders.

Shareholders must have a role in corporate decision-making as owners of public corporations. The right to vote is an important shareholder asset where long-term corporate changes are at issue. Institutions should consider whether shareholders have voting rights proportionate to their financial stake in the corporation and whether a shareholder majority vote can approve matters submitted for their consideration.