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Case Evaluation

Deciding whether to pursue a securities case is a complicated decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. The Rosen Law Firm uses a systematic, individualized approach to case evaluation. We believe that by being selective in pursuing cases, we can recognize those that merit legal action so we can best represent shareholders’ interests.

Upon identifying a potential securities fraud claim through portfolio monitoring, we analyze the impact on the client and the client’s potential damages. If we determine that the client was significantly damaged due to the alleged fraud, we analyze the merits of the case by studying publicly available information, including all available SEC filings, securities analysts’ reports and advisories, and information readily obtainable on the internet. If we feel further investigation is warranted we retain outside experts, including forensic accountants, industry experts and private investigators to assist us in these tasks.

Based upon our analysis, we provide our clients with recommendations with regard to whether they should a) move to be appointed lead plaintiff, b) file an individual claim in federal or state court independent of the class action, or c) take no active role and remain a class member with interests protected by the lead plaintiff in the case. We also discuss and pursue any objectives the client may have relative to the company in question, and any corporate governance reform issues which may be addressed through litigation.